Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tanks Tanks Tanks

I've been struggling a little to find the right tank for my current project. I've spent many hours working a rough early 50's Triumph tank that has so far been my favorite. I tried many other options including a great later 50's Pre-Unit tank and a slimline.

My old friend Lurker Tom just made the decision a little harder. One of my favorite non-stock tanks is the Wassell Banana. Thanks to Tom I now have one. I like the way the Banana looks even more than I even I was going to.

This is a Wassell Banana.

I like the Wassell enough it it may well change the direction of the bike I'm building. Previously the bike that most closely matches the bike I had in mind is this one (I still love that bike BTW...).

The early 50's race bike clone that I had in mind may end up looking a little more like this one.

Perhaps less flattracker and more early 50's drag bike if you will.


I'm not sure I'll know for certain which direction to go until the frame is done. In any case I'll have a lot more to think about. I can't wait until the the current chaos in my life subsides a little so I can work on it more. I think it might really help if I had the bodywork/primer done I both tanks. I plan to get that done before long.

Incidentally, the members I've asked for have unanimously preferred the Wassell EXCEPT for my youngest son who had zero hesitation about liking the Triumph tank better. He's the only one of my kids that was passed the "gearhead" gene.Too funny.

Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by earlier. Having too many cool options to chose from is a problem I am all to happy to deal with.

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Flathead45 said...

Not to muddy the waters, but I have a slight preference for Vaughn's point of view...