Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ran When Parked

1959 Triumph Bonneville - I have this horrible affliction where I pity what I see as deserving motorcycles.  Do I want this bike? No. But all the same I see bikes like this and think it deserves better and that I (or someone) should rescue it. This one being a numbers matching first year Bonneville might even make financial sense if you could buy it for the right price. Unfortunately making sense almost never factors into my gut reaction...

Surely there must be a vaccination or something to address this problem. English Stephen has a similar sense of nostalgia and 1959 is especially meaningful to him. I'm pawning this one off on you buddy. There, that was easy.

I bet Brit-Bike Brian and Lurker Tom have some sort of advanced coping mechanism to avert such foolish trappings. They need to share the secret soon.

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Flathead45 said...

Did your notice the location for this motorcycle? Fort Recovery. As my H.S. English teacher, F.X. Slevin, would have said, "if this was a short story, that would be a symbol..."