Tuesday, February 23, 2016

V8 Power

Shorty after posting the photo of Doug Earle's V8 powered behemoth I stumbled across this photo of of EJ Potter's small block powered drag bike. EJ did exhibition runs at dragstrips with some version or another of a V8 powered motorcycle for decades. It seems the spectacle of 1/4 mile long burnouts never looses it's entertainment value

There's a way more to the EJ Potter story than I posted here. EJ went on to have a life-long fascination with building similarly excessive vehicles. See The Kneeslider for a great feature on EJ's life history.


Bastard said...

I saw EJ once @ Lyons Drag Strip in Long Beach, CA.. The bike had no clutch.
It was started with the rear wheel off the ground at the start line. To
launch, it was dropped..Mind blowing for a 10 year old..

BitMonkey said...

It's amazing how easily that kind of stuff can make a vivid life-long impression when you are that age. I have to remind myself on a pretty regular basis my youngest son is now 10...