Thursday, February 4, 2016

Crocker Hot Rod

In addition to Crocker's turn key motorcycle offering customers could buy the hemi-head engines alone for use in projects like midget racers. Pictured above is a 1939 engine #106 in a WWII era rigid Triumph single frame.

The Crocker 61c.i. made 50 hp. The factory "Race Kit" offered for the dramatically lighter all alloy Triumph 500's made 42 hp. Just like today it's sometimes hard to say if this conversion was more about performance or shock value. It's still pretty cool and quite a feat to shoehorn all that Crocker into a Triumph single frame. The full story of this bike is told in Vincent in the Barn for the truly inquisitive. The bike was reportedly spotted under a porch in Colorado by a utility meter reader.

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