Friday, February 12, 2016

Red & Skippy Farwell

I was sent easily the coolest Seattle related photo in a long long time recently from a guy named Ernie. There's an incredibly cool story behind it too. As some may know I'm always stoked to find anything Red Farwell related. It would be a complete injustice not to leave the story in Ernie's own words:

 My Uncle, Tex Miller, was good friends with Red Farwell and took it hard when he died, as did a lot of people here in the area including the Tacoma Ducks MC Club and the Blue Barons too I think.  In the attached photo, Tex's son Randy Miller is sitting on his little bike with Red Farwell's son, Skippy, sitting on the back.  I think that is Red behind them.  Please keep your eye open for anything about Skippy, or if he is still with us.

The Ducks had a flat track between Tacoma and Puyallup back in the '50's where this was taken.  Randy and Skippy would ride their small, hand made motorcycles around the track at intermission.  Randy's bike is built around a Whizzer, 4 stoke flat head engine.  Great old photo anyway.
I couldn't agree more.

If anyone knows anything about Skippy's current status (living or deceased) Ernie would love to hear from you.

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