Sunday, February 7, 2016


One of the aspects I was most excited about when we decided to relocate to Seattle was the chance to regularly attend a Supercross race. We made it to two races and then Seattle was dropped from the race schedule. When the 2016 schedule was announced (and Seattle was not on it) I naturally pouted like a toddler. Since my wife, well... rules, she made all the arrangements more than 6 months ago to attend the Phoenix race. We finally made that trip this weekend.
The trip and race was absolutely amazing but my favorite part happened right in the beginning. Shortly after landing we hopped a shuttle to the rental car facility at PHX. We shared the shuttle with a group of people that appeared to be affiliated with one of the teams. As we made small talk one of the guys mentioned being Team Manager for the Ride365 team. He was a super friendly guy and ultimately offered to take us through team trailer. When we arrived at the track for the pit party we took him up on it. He took us through the entire trailer (a pretty generous move given the rider effectively live on it and have their stuff strewn about). The shop facility in the trailer is pretty amazing. The amount of parts they carry is quite impressive too. The team campaigns two 250cc riders but the probably carry parts for 6 bikes. We deliberately didn't take too many pictures but these photos of similar rigs give you an idea what they are like.
The trailer tour and all the people involved were incredibly cool. It was a generous offer and my whole family very much enjoyed it. Ride365 is a team made up of two Western Region 250 class riders, Kyle Peters #40 and Chase Marquier #212. The team is backed by the Honda factory and team coach/mentor Motocross legend Guy Cooper.

Needless to say we are now diehard fans. Both riders had fantastic starts in Phoenix and both made the main. I typically don't care all that much about the 250 LCQ's but having a rider you are cheering for in one changes it a bit. It's going to be fun routing for a couple of riders that don't have all media support some of the other guys have.

Thanks for hospitality Dayton Daft et al. We'll be definitely routing for you!

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