Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Evel Knievel at Graham Speedway

Here's yet another gem from Ernie Misner.

Bob Selden & Evel Knievel with Rolls Royce
 "Evel Knievel came to town twice in the 1960's. On the left is Bob Selden, owner of Cycle Craft. I worked at Cycle Craft in Parkland, WA in the '60's as a teenager. As you can see he crashed the first time. I got to meet him and helped rebuild his Triumph Bonneville after he crashed at Graham Speedway.  I still have his busted up old tachometer sitting here on my desk. Check out where Selden kept his pack of cigarettes."

"Evel called the newspaper right after his crash and told them he was going to cut the cast off and make that darn jump in two weeks. He did! Man his Triumph Bonneville (TT version) was gorgeous. Those were fun but crazy days!"

 I did a little digging and best I can tell Evel attempted to jump 16 Volkswagens at Graham Speedway on August 18, 1967. From Life of Evel: Evel Knievel

"Encouraged by his success, Knievel continued gathering momentum and moved on to clear 16 cars at the Ascot Raceway near Los Angles before attempting the same number again at the Graham Speedway near Tacoma, Washington. This time things didn’t go quite so smoothly and Knievel lost his balance on landing and parted company with his bike, sustaining a slight concussion in the process. Just under three weeks later he returned to the same venue to see the job through successfully, proving to his audience that he was no quitter and he would see anything through if he had given his word to do so."

Thanks again to Ernie for passing along his story!

Incidentally Ernie's other photo's are nothing short of staggering. While only a handful are motorcycle related most are shot in the PNW and are absolutely beautiful. Please check them out.

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Unknown said...

Hi my names Preston Wolfe. I'm emil aholas grandson and legacy holder as far as motocross. I was wondering if there are any videos out there of my grandpa racing or even at the track. He had a big win the same night evil crashed in graham. His bike number is 80. Please let me know.