Friday, March 20, 2015

Walking Dead - Daryl's New Bike

As a Walking Dead fan up till now I've gotten some enjoyment out of the motorcycle component of Daryl's story line. While I consider myself a fairly die hard Triumph guy I'm not sure a Triumph chopper would be my first choice for quick zombie escapes. I'm thinking post zombie apocalypse it's not the most reliable bike (if your life depended on it) and parts are sort hard to come by. Also, in this instance I'm not convinced "loud pipes save lives."

Daryl's Triumph has been AWOL for at least a season and I don't recall it's loss being part of the story line. In any case the current season apparently has Daryl building a replacement as part of the storyline. It should be fairly novel. The bike is not really my taste and not what I would build for the ultimate zombie dispatch vehicle but building the bike that was "cast" for this part/purpose would be so much fun. It's also interesting that to facilitate over lapping scene shoots the builder had to build two identical bikes. Apparently Norman Reedus (the actor that plays Daryl) own a bike personally that was also built buy Classified Moto.

Daryl's New Bike: The Walking Dead

 Granted it's not nearly as fashionable but my zombie dispatch motorcycle would likely look a little closer to this to start.

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