Tuesday, March 10, 2015

VME News

 For those who may not have heard the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts have a new club president, Jeff Earle. I don't know Jeff well but my impression has always been he is a real standup guy.

One criticism both myself and others have had about the VME is they can be a little clique-ish and overall as a newcomer I sometimes haven't always felt all that welcome. This is definitely not something I've ever felt about Jeff. Based on the communication Jeff has sent out so far he seems very committed to focusing on new members and particularly younger enthusiasts just getting started in the hobby. Both seem like very worthy causes to me and I applaud his efforts. The club will also be hosting meetings at a new location meeting after next. The folks at Industrial Lounge have been very accommodating but the venue is very loud and reflective acoustically.  I've always found it a challenge to hear there. The following is an email Jeff sent out to members recently. I'm pleased to hear Jeff's enthusiasm. If you haven't been involved with VME before or even just for a while give them a chance.

After a very long and thorough search, the Seattle VME meeting location is about to change. We've spent over nine months researching, and we've reached a choice of the most positive possible venue for the main Seattle chapter to be relocated to from this point forward. Details are below on what’s to happen over the next couple of months.
1. The next meeting (Apr.1) will be held at the Industry Lounge as usual. We’ll say farewell to the establishment with a gracious thanks, and mention the upcoming venue change during that meeting.
2. The announcement of venue change will be included in the May/June newsletter issue.
3. The May meeting (May 6) will be held at “Slim’s Last Chance” (5606 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108), which is still in Georgetown. A sign and one person will be at the old location that evening in order to steer people correctly to the new venue.
4. Great years will ensue for a very long time.

We're really looking forward to this, and the venue change will allow us to make the VME meetings a truly spectacular event once again. The front street area will be coned off for bike parking, and the large sidewalk is for bike parking as well; all cars in the rear. Bring a friend and spread the word! This is bound to be the biggest change the club has made in over a decade, and the result is going to be truly awesome.
The food is excellent, and the place is welcoming, large and clean. Being right next door to the Pig Iron BBQ, they do include part of that menu as well. Parking is easy and well lit, with a new flood light being installed in the rear portion for cars prior to our first meeting there. We'll also have a projection camera showing the typical Isle of Man videos as usual. Even Jody's favorite Kokanee is being brought in special for the occasion. They've asked if we want any particular food/drink specials unique to these VME nights, so list them here as a reply if you like and we'll certainly include something there.

I'm going to personally back this positive change for the future, and for any newcomer who greets me and signs up for a new registration that first evening, I'll personally pay half of their dues for the remainder of this current year (which is regularly $30/yr).

Here we go folks! At long last, the Seattle VME main chapter is turning a new leaf and stepping up in a big way. Look forward to seeing everyone there in force on May 6, 7:00pm, at Slim's Last Chance.

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