Friday, March 6, 2015

Tanks & Helmets 3

I spotted this through Billy at Helmutts. Looks like a cool event at a cool venue. Additional info from Neumos website follows.

Tanks and Helmets 3

Let’s not try and sugar coat this and give you some long winded, art critique diatribe about how these working class artists have been shaping your opinion of what “cool” is and how “one paint job at a time they’ve changed our entire culture”. Or perhaps why missing this opportunity to see their work will go down on your list of “$@!# i wish i had done before i died young”.

Although that is all true.

This is just a really radical art show featuring a wealth of talent from Seattle to England.

Year three has brought in some new artists as well as a new venue. There will be more bikes, more art, more booze, and hopefully more babes.

Regardless of all that it will, as usual, be one hell of a good time.

Artist Roster Includes:
Jermey Deming GERM, Jen Vertz, Josh Ramp, TJ Schneider, Travis Hess TUKI, Schoph Schopfield, David Blake, Hellmutt Billy, Quincy Quigg, Jesse Brown, Kyler Martz, Scott Fuller, Wakuda, Todd Lown, Ten Hundred, Charlie GRRL, Hubba Hubba, Hash, Goldy, Street Trash Brewing, Joe Vollan, 13 Fingers, Maynerd, Brian Papa, CASH, Dominc de Ventura, Duffy , Andrew Reimer, Brennan Coyle, Burrito Breath, Kevin Drake, Joe Nix, Solace Wonder and Charles Russ

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