Thursday, March 19, 2015

Law Family Photos

I posting these photos Courtesy of the Law Family. There are some really great shots here.

1) Maude & James
2) Maude, James & Friends
3) Sidecar
4) Motorcycle Friends
5) Excelsior Sidecar
6) Solo Rider
7) Motorcycle Gathering
 Both a local motorcycle historian friend from the Pacific Northwest Museum of Motorcycling and myself wondered if some of these photos might be from a Gypsy Tour.  The size of the gathering is similar to other Gypsy Tour photos I've seen from the area. All the bikes appear to have Washington state plates but I can only make out a year in one (1921). I find photo #5 particularly intriguing. Some of the riders are wearing racing sweaters and there appears to be a grandstand in the background.

The Law family (and myself) would really like to know more about the photos. Anyone know anything more about any of the people or settings?  Can any of you positively confirm make, model and year of any of the bikes?

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