Friday, March 13, 2015

Cliff Stering

I was saddened to learn living legend Cliff Stering passed away early this morning. In addition to being Seattle Cossacks member #38, Cliff was an extremely successful local and regional racer. Cliff was a racing peer of such notables as "Ironman" Ed Kretz, Red Farwell, Trev Deely and Gwen Meyers.

 I was truly honored to meet Mr Stering at the Cossacks annual banquet last year. Ever since that time I had really hoped to arrange a chance to sit down and chat with him at more length about his racing years but it simply never materialized. Thankfully Tom & Jack with the Pacific Northwest Museum of Motorcycling were able to catch up with Cliff on a couple of occasions to capture some of the vast motorcycle history Cliff was a pivotal part of. 

Rob and I did attend Cliff's 90th birthday party several weeks ago. We both had a really fantastic time and in retrospect I am so thankful we could attend.

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