Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tom's Cycles Clock

This was easily one of my favorite Christmas gifts. The clock alone is cool but the story behind it is even cooler. It was once the shop clock in Tom's Cycle.

Several months ago Michael Tom offered the clock to me knowing I'm a pretty diehard Triumph guy. Unfortunately I was a super tight schedule the day I ran into Mike and could never follow up. Flathead Rob knows Mike pretty well from Mike's Seattle Cossack days. Rob later retrieved the clock from Mike and spent a good bit of time cleaning it up, chasing down missing parts and getting it functional. Pretty darn cool.

Mike once mentioned his Dad decided to pick up Triumph in 1963 because he was impressed with the the new Unit Triumphs. Rob noticed the 1 RPM clock motor was dated "1963" so it probably safe to assume the shop got it somewhere near that time. I've seen other shop clocks but never one quite like this one.

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