Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Indian Jeff - Going Places

Jeff, Julio, & Tom on their annual road trip to Sturgis in 1996. But this time a camera crew is following them from Seattle to the Black Hills. Jeff on his 1946 Chief, Tom on his 1948 Chief; Julio on a 1938 Chief riding the back roads and avoiding the boring interstates full of trailer racers and RUBS, Rich Urban Biker's.

Sometime earlier in the year (2014) someone asked about Indian Jeff. Tom posted the following comment:
"Indian Jeff died a few years back got in a wreck out side of Jackson hot spring in Montana may have hit a cow at night on his BMW Oct cold frosty night laid out all night he was not the same after that. A Good man Loved by some R.I.P. Jeff"

Godspeed Indian Jeff, I'm a little sad I never met you. This video still excites me for the return of warmer weather. We need to get Tom's '48 Chief back on the road too.

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