Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brampton Recreation Update

As I mentioned some time ago my old friend Michael Breeding has been working on better-than- original Brampton grider forks for several years now. He was kind enough to forward a photo and commentary following the first successful test ride.

Took a 50 mile ride today with speeds up to 70 mph. Took my hands off the bars and the Shadow kept going straight and didn't want to lean over! The assembly to the bike took more time than I would have guessed but there were no glitches. A straight forward bolt up with lots of subtle adjustments (as with an OEM fork).  This has taken years.  A very good day.
A very good day oondeed. Quite an accomplishment. The Brampton looks so good on his '51 test steed I'm not sure I could bring myself to reinstall the original Vincent Girdraulic.

Mike also sent me a photo of his recently completed 1928 Harley Davidson JD. As I'm sure people are painfully aware I have been absolutely smitten with JD's for the last couple of years. Needless to say I approve of the new bike.

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