Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ran When Parked

1931 Norton TT Replica CS1 International Manx OHC Racer - Pretty pricey but it is cool. I was hopelessly smitten the second I saw the hot shoe.

It would probably take a book to describe the history of this bike but it's greatest glory was in the hands of the famous Canadian racer Elwood Stilwell. Just one example of Elwood's and the bike's prowess can be taken from the National professional dirt track races at Langhorne Pa. in 1935. Elwood lapped this notoriously dangerous and tough course at over 83 miles per hour! This on a four year old bike pitted against the factory racers from Indian etc.  He finished 6th.  The gas tank is home made by Elwood and many other parts have been changed down through the years as the bike was raced into the 1960's. This bike has patina. The chain of ownership was documented by my friend Bob McCoy who I purchased the bike from about 20 years ago.Bob bought it from either Elwood directly as he was a good friend or his estate.  The photos show Elwood at the Savannah and Jacksonville races as well as on the beach before the start of the very first Daytona race  in 1937. Elwood along with a few other prominent Canadian racers raced speedway in England for a stint. ( obviously not on this bike!) I have partially dismantalled this engine to show it's condition which is excellent. Looks like a fresh rebore and no vertical rod play. Downdraught head with excellent condition correct racing bronze bodied Amal. The pillion in the main picture is not included but the ratty one with patina is!  I have been to the VMCC headquarters library in Burton UK and sadly the page with this bike has been partially torn away however it does state clearly that this bike was designated a "TT Replica" model with close ratio gearbox, racing magneto and racing carb all, of which are present. The original triple stay frame ( similar to Brough Superior and some AJS ) is there but it was changed  to the same type  form an early 30's Norton sold by Brown's Norton Toronto. Although the numbers do not match they are all authentic undoctored and period correct.

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gortnipper said...

Nice old Norton, I saw it the other day and it has a nice provenance.

BTW - here is another Indian 741B for sale down here, with a side car.