Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blackbird T-Shirt

It frustrates me that corporate Triumph and Lucky Brand have such depth of subject matter (Lucky Brand has Triumph, Indian, Velocette, Johnson Motors) yet I feel that their merchandise offerings are generally pretty lame. Add to that a complete disregard for historical accuracy and a price that is twice what anyone could consider reasonable for a t-shirt means I look from time-to-time but rarely buy anything. This shirt is an exception, in part anyway. I'm not sure I'll be dropping $50 on one immediately. Granted, I'm probably not the target customer though...
One more comment on motorcycle t-shirts. If your business offers t-shirts/hoodies that are actually intended for the greasy-handed vintage motorcycle riding masses we belong to please don't offer them in white exclusively. I hate having a motorcycle shirt I can't ever wear anywhere near my bike or shop without immediately turning it into a shop rag.

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