Friday, January 17, 2014

Speedbird Fork

Word has it Jake Robbins is finally ready to ship his first batch of recreation Triumph girder forks. The entire first batch is sold and bound for Finland, USA Scotland and the UK. English Stephen has been waiting a long time for his but thus far they seem worth the wait.

People that don't actually build bikes don't realize the agony involved in the waiting and false starts often involved with whatever portions you outsource. Particularly if you expect perfection (I expect that's most of us). Knowing what you SHOULD outsource rather than doing it yourself is a real challenge.  Building or restoring a motorcycle can be an exhausting and super frustrating process. Eventually it does all comes together but I can certainly remember phases where I was pretty f$%king confident I'd never do another one. Not unlike childbirth time heals. Sometimes I have to remind myself that at least for me the reward is getting to ride them.

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