Friday, January 24, 2014

Ran When Parked

1974 Yamaha GTMX 80 - I think I'll always have a soft spot for these motorcycles. This restoration is pretty impressive. The paint is beautiful. It does make me appreciate just how original mine is. There are a number of pieces on this bike (like the seat cover) that just don't look quite right.

As a kid I always thought my bike was missing a front number plate. I suspect now they just never had them. I wonder where the owner found those tires.

It's funny that as a little boy I was bothered by the "stockiness" of my GTMX. The gas tank etc. never seemed properly proportioned to me and I always wished it had number plates. It seems crazy to me that I was so concerned with esthetics at 8 years old. I sure LOVED my 80 and had immeasurable fun on it.  That said esthetically the 1977 Honda XR 75 was perfection in those days.

So what good is a mini-MXer to an old guy? Ironically the ideal grownup bookend is also currently for sale.

1974 Yamaha 360 MX - Flathead Rob once owned a Yamaha 250 MX. I was pretty small when I rode it but I remember it as being a little scarey. It pulled like an absolute freight train but the brakes and suspension were basically nonexistent by modern standards. I assume the 360 is a step above that in terms of hairiness. Kudos to whomever did the restoration on this bike. It's absolutely lovely.


Unknown said...

Do you want to sell? 530-300-5755

BitMonkey said...

I don't have any interest in selling mine. Thanks.