Friday, January 17, 2014

New Mexico Update

I had the privilege of exchanging emails with Michael Breeding recently. Michael always has something interesting in the works so it was really good to hear from him. Some time ago Mike mentioned that he had a 1928 Harley Davidson JD in the works. I've been somewhat obsessed with JD's recently so I had to ask about it. He shared this:

Very nice! How can you not love those tank cutouts for the valve train?

Mike also mentioned that the paint for his 1933 VLD is due back soon (seen here in primer).  1933 was a tough year for HD as sales were reduced to nearly 1/10 of their pre-depression numbers making '33 models quite rare.

Danny Bally is doing the Mandarin Red and Black paint. I'm not sure if it's the black-over-red or red-over-black paint scheme but both are quite nice.

Danny Bally also painted Knucklehead Steve's 1934 VLD. Pictures don't do his bike justice. The paint is pretty stunning in person. That lovely art deco paint scheme (and the release of the Knucklehead soon after) eventually helped Harley bounce back.

I sure miss all those guys.

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