Sunday, January 12, 2014

BJ's Bike Continued

I recently posed a question about the model and make of BJ Hunnicutt's motorcycle in the final episode of M*A*S*H. In the show the character B.J. comments that "Points from Jeeps also work in Indians." 

Flathead Rob has a different theory. I think he might just be on to something. Might the mystery motorcycle be a Husqvarna 120 SV? Compare the shift knob position, gas tank knee pads, the funky knob on the back of the headlight.

The skirting on the fenders looks different to me. Could be a slightly later model I suppose. The projecting front section of the crankcase bottom is too blurry in the photo of B.J.'s bike to make out. I don't see the generator belt cover either. The muffler is obviously different but that's the sort of part I'd expect to find changed out over time (and that you kill yourself looking for during a restoration). 

The header pipe is very different too. That seems more suspect. The Husqvarna seems to be rare enough it's hard to find good photos of. The motorcycle pictured above is a 1934. The one below is a 1932. The angle of the exhaust port on the 1932 suggests it might be tough to adopt a header pipe with the sweeping angle seen on B.J.'s bike.

European motorcycle manufacturers of this era weren't at all shy about  "borrowing" design elements. It could still be something else entirely. Let me know if you have any theories or proof.

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