Saturday, January 18, 2014

Siege's 5th Annual Vintage Racing MC Show

Flathead Rob, Nate, Dennis, Todd and I made the trek down to Downtown (aka Lawless now I guess...) Harley for the 5th Annual Vintage MC show. The turnout out was quite good and the weather was the best it's been for months. Some of the old bikes weren't completely convinced they wanted to run but the all made it there and back.

Interesting show. It was probably 3/4 MX. I'm a huge MX fan and enjoy seeing all the vintage stuff but I must admit there are vintage bikes that excite me more. I enjoy riding more modern motocross bikes enough that I'm not all that nostalgic about big power, no suspension and no brakes bike I rode early on. Ironically I feel exactly the opposite about almost every other type of motorcycle. Some of the restorations are absolutely flawless though. Great mix of regular attendees and I really enjoyed chatting with a bunch of cool people.

Another 45" flatty - amazing fab work!
This WLDR was bitchin & ALL business
1948 Velocette MSS 500
Untouched sine 1966
I absolutely loved this bike!
This thing really needs to run
This 1947 Velocette KSS gives you an idea what the one above once looked like
This bike is much like the one my Dad owned in high school. I want one...
There were several great bikes I missed getting photos of. Next show of the season I'll do a better job.

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