Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wes White Update

Based on updates I've seen on various forums Wes is doing alright. He spent about 3 days in the hospital and is now facing some bill problems.

Straight from Wes on JJ:

Hey Guys, It is never too early for jokes. The doctor was amazed that I was joking like a fiend as soon as I hit the door. Part natural personality, part terror. Just a quick update, I will be going to the doctor tomorrow for the first real evaluation since the surgery. Definately gonna put a hard cast on it for me and look for the first time at what is under the "soft" one I have now. What color should I get! Basic black or should I go daring pink?

Then it will be four weeks on stick with as much time spent with the foot elevated as possible.

With that in mind, if you were thinking of sending a head or a barrell to be bored, or a crank to be ground. Go ahead and do it. I can do that stuff sitting down and will definately need the work. My limit on standing up proper will be a couple hours a day and quite frankly right now, 10 minutes standing up makes me feel like my leg is gonna explode anyway. Seems like I will be able to do cam bushes and other light motor work too. Don't hesitate to drop me an email for parts, etc.

Unfortunately I have been so busy in the shop working lately that I have neglected the parts business, but if you ever wanted any parts from me, please email me too. Everything helps right now and as you can imagine the bills will be rolling in.

Everyone thinks that your insurance company is gonna be out there fighting for you when these things happen and perhaps yours has in the past. Well be assured that most of the time they just don't give a shit. And the day to day living and bill paying of a working class stiff is fucked and a half when this shit happens.

Mike Davis of Born Free fame has put some effort into helping the guy back on to both feet so to speak. Mike: If you just want to donate send payment it to this paypal address (payment note broken ankle) and or buy one of his Bonnieville support Tee's or Dvds

Wes is a good guy, at least based on the dealings I've had with him. If you can swing it please send him a few bucks, buy a t-shirt or send him some work.

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