Monday, May 14, 2012

Americas Got Talent

Seattle Cossacks will be on America's Got Talent 5/15/2012 (NBC - 8pm Pacific time). 

Look at one more 90 point '36 Knucklehead sit motionless on someone's F-ing mantle or see real bikes get ridden the way they are supposed to be. Just watch it goddammit!


Vorhese said...

Oh man what a gyp!

BitMonkey said...

Yep, it blew.

I haven't spoken to any of the "boys" about it yet but the stage setup looked super limiting. The stuff they do in normal performances is WAY more entertaining.

Vorhese said...

The first thing I was wondering was how they would do it on a stage. Still, i was hoping to see more.

BitMonkey said...

I happened to be sitting through a club meeting where they were discussing the performance. They had a cool set planned inspite venue limitations. The limitations had to have been more severe than expected. I've seen them perform in some seriously "limited" spaces before too.

My primary takeaway is that show is absolutely unbearable to watch! Well, that and that Rob and Nate are seriously handsome mother fuckers.

Let's see, performing on "Americas Got Talent" or performing at HD in Milwaukee for the anniversary. I'd care WAY more about the later if I were on the team.

Part of the true appreciation of the Cossacks is the right audience. I'd love to see them do something like Davenport, Wauseon or fricken Yokohama Mooneyes for that matter.