Sunday, May 27, 2012

1929 Sunbeam Model 9

A friend of mine recently acquired this bike. I'm told my friend has been "chasing" this bike since the mid-90's and you can see why. It's beauty combined with the well documented history that accompanies it makes it nothing short of a "must post."

"The Sunbeam was inherited from my Uncle Jack in 1994, it was air freighted from England to me here in the States that year.

Although it is a Model 9, Jack built it in the style of a Model 90, which is basically the racing version of the bike. Prior to him acquiring it in 1984 it had been used as a race bike.

The Model 90 has a twin exhaust port and hair pin valve springs that being the major difference to the 9’s single port and coil valve springs.

In 1929 one could order a Sunbeam in any configuration desired and I believe he built it this way as that was how he would have bought it back in 1929 when he was 17 years old

The Sunbeam has been in the Banbury Run 1986, 1987, 1988 & 1992 with Jack riding.

From the photographs it will be noticed that the Sunbeam has no lights, in fact any electrics at all. Lights were an extra in 1929. Spark is produced by a magneto which on this bike is a magdyno and Jack fitted a dummy piece where the dynamo fits. A straight Magneto should replace the unit.

A stop light switch and stop light was added to get it licensed here in California. A small battery was attached to the underside of the seat.

Most Sunbeams had knee pads on the fuel tank, Jack chose not to install them and the Gold leaf lining reflects that and when the tank was repainted Jacks lining was reproduced. Saddle tanks on Sunbeams first made an appearance in 1929

The Buff Log Book goes back to 1953

The Sunbeam has probably done less than 200 miles since taking delivery here in the States.

Engine and Gearbox have not been disassembled since Jack put them together."

What a great bike.


Flathead45 said...

Very cool! I hope it sees the road on occasion!

BitMonkey said...

Everything he owns see the road.