Sunday, May 27, 2012

Matchless & Norton For Sale

I have a good friend that is looking to "thin the herd" a little. He is looking to sell two bikes.

If you know anybody who wants a very nice1975 MK3 Commando ( E start) or a 1966 G80 Matchless, let them know about the bikes. The G80's were sold as either a Matchless or a ES2 Norton. It has a Norton frame, brakes, suspension etc, but has a Matchless short stroke engine. The Commando is in very good shape with under 10K miles. The electric start really works. The owner built a mercury outboard starter for it that is a four brush. He is willing sell either one for $7500.

I've seen the electric start conversion on the Commando. Brilliantly engineered and executed in a fashion only a guy with his own machine shop could do. This would be the ideal bike for a guy that really wants to ride a vintage bike but can't start one because of a bum knee or something.

Hell, buy the pair and have color matched bookends...

Email john(dot)d(dot)root@gmail(dot)com for details.

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