Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vaughn's First Solo

Anyone that's followed this blog for any amount of time (Hi Mom) knows Vaughn has struggled a little to jump into the world of no training wheels. Starting maybe Friday Vaughn starting telling me out of the blue he was ready to ride and wanted his training wheels off. He hasn't touch his bike in months so initially I kind of blew him off. He bugged me again today so I took them off. He immediately started just going for it on the sidewalk. It was tough for him to get going on the narrow sidewalk so I suggested we walk up the street to a more open area. I got him pointed the right way and he just took off like he had been riding for months. This video is maybe 90 seconds later...

Now the poor kid needs a bike that fits. A 20" is gonna be a stretch yet (maybe a mini, the narrow tires are really a handful for a noob though). I started poking around at 16 inchers tonight. I love this bike. Perry Kramer of PK Ripper fame is probably a grandfather now but rad nonetheless.

Next weekend the training wheels are coming off the PW50.

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