Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trent's Knuck

This is Trent's new personal Knuck. The insane Boris Vallejo style 70's mural paint was done by John Stromberg who painted Olivia. 70's choppers aren't really my bag but it's pretty impressive in person. Whatdaya wanna bet it ends up getting sold at Born Free and Trent is again without the bike he just built for himself.


Nate said...

That's one nice looking knuck, but it will bust your ass on any long ride. I know I'm only 31, but even talking with the old guys when I'm on the 55'Pan with the pogo seat, they tell me war stories when they had there choppers back in the day and wish they never rode those choppers. Now half those guys walk funny and complain about their backs. Now they talk about the there golden years riding their baggers with comfort and remember when they made funny of guys on comfortable baggers back in the day.

BitMonkey said...

Trent and his lot are pretty diehard. They ride hardcore choppers (knucks, pans and other old shit) unsupported on trips like the EDR. You can get a good feel for the EDR from this packing checklist.