Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vaughn the Cyclist

I've gotten crazy pressure the last few days to go bike shopping. It goes without saying it doesn't actually require much pressure to get me to go. Vaughn doesn't really have too many requirements either except the bike MUST be blue. Didn't prevent me from obsessing over the topic for more time than I care to admit.

Dad's pick:

Vaughn's pick:

Vaughn's pick spared considerable coin. Matches his shoes better too. I'm still a little disappointed... Vaughn is not. He LOVES it. He's gonna ride the damn tires off the thing.

A quick preface. Vaughn is a 3rd kid with mostly grown/finished/fully baked older siblings. I am proud as hell of all my kids but I'm no longer convinced they will all grow to be CEO Olympiad Nobel prize winning fighter pilots. That said, I have coached countless budding BMX riders over the years. With mere hours of two wheeled cycling under his belt I can genuinely say there is something kind of remarkable about Vaughn's aptitude. He's passionate, fearless but not wreckless and smooth. His ability to drop the bike gracefully is on par with some super accomplished and experienced kids I've worked with. So do we have a budding Supercross champion? Probably not but he does seem to have a step up not all kids have. It sure kicks ass to be able to share a passion with your offspring. So how does this all potentially play out over a handful of years? Well, I wish I played bass as well as Tyler when I was 18...

I'm inexpressibly proud of you Sydney, Tyler and Vaughn. Proud of your Mom too. She deserves a serious load of the credit.

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Vorhese said...

I'm going to get my kid into bmx racing as soon as he can. I'm not going to push him, just encourage him :)