Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter C@D Report

I was pretty desperate to get out for a ride this morning. I had planned NOT to go to Coffee this morning thinking next to no one would be there. I ran out to the East side anyway because the weather was awesome. Stopped for coffee anyway. As it worked out turn out was great. Church of the Motorcycle I guess.

Chick's bobber Scout. With the straight pipes this thing sounds stupendous.

Gaggle o' Goldstars

Tyson's '72 Bonneville. Nice original paint.

Always loves me some Water Buffalo. Polished engine is lovely.

I'm not opposed to being called a sucker... I thought the green tutu over full Ducati leathers was kinda bad ass.


Nate said...

You started something sooooo cool down there!!!

BitMonkey said...

I can't take credit for the C@D thing, it's been going on forever.

Flathead Rob was threatening to start something similar in your neck of the woods. We were scouting locations when I was up there last. Bug him about is.

Nate said...

Its gonna be hard to start one since our schedule with the team has stuff alot on the weekends? We will try to get something going.