Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cars & Coffee

I took Emma for her maiden voyage to Cars & Coffee today. Good turnout despite it being a little windy and yucky. I had to snap this photo just because I enjoyed the contrast of she and her friend in the next parking space.

As i mentioned the turnout was quite good. Several of the cars in attendance I think I've posted before. Here's a few I may not have

Evidently there was a sale on red paint in the off season.

Easily my favorite car was this 280Z power 1955 Ford F100. Super clean with awesome execution. The size of the Z engine is so close to a stock Ford 6 is looked like it was made for it. I heard a couple of different people ask Don (the owner/builder) why he used the Z engine which he never had a clear answer to. I thought that was cool too. It's just so in the spirit of real hot rodding. He said he hadn't had the Z 5 speed outta 4th gear yet, he seemed well pleased with it's roadworthy-ness.

I was introduced to Don because he has a restored military '42 WLA with a sidecar he is looking to sell (he can no longer kick it). Let me know if you are interested.

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Flathead45 said...

I think I have enough motorcycles for a while. Unless the Barn find Knuck or Crocker makes itself known to me, I'm good. The '55 ZX is an interesting concept.