Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sprunghub Gift Pack

Tom A (Emma's former caretaker) emailed me last weekend to let me know he stumbled across a basket of goodies for my garage while organizing his lovely shop. Price... FREE. Some guys are just unbelievably cool. Thanks Tom!

Tom was hustling around last weekend and left the parts at Brian T's place. Any excuse to see what's cooking up at Brian's place I'm all too willing to jump on. So, '38 Velocette OHC KSS, a crazy '65 Panther 650 single, an Isolastic Featherbed Commando and a new shop under construction. No pictures... I suck.

Brian handed off the parts, endured at least 45 minutes of my stupid questions and offer to let V drive his vintage mini Farmall tractor next time we are up. Thanks Brian.

So this is the actual parts cache.

My favorite part has to be the original paint Amaranth Red Sprunghub rear brake stay, I might just have to hang that in the garage or something. There's a Thunderbird cylinder and head (insane just how much heavier they are than the T100 alloy pieces). Sprunghub parts, cam, top triple clamp, chromed timing cover, nice primary cover, 2 front brake plates, another intake, etc. Cool stuff.

I may need to do a little horse trading for a few parts I really need to finish Emma.


Vorhese said...

very cool

Flathead45 said...

Just gotta figure out how to cut that T-bird head in half and graft it onto my 45"...