Monday, September 26, 2011

Springs & Things!

I've been chasing a few parts recently with surprisingly little success. One of the items on my list are seat springs. My preference is the barrel type pictured below.

The springs listed in the Triumph parts books are 6.5" to 7" long. I suspect the originals may be Lycett made.

I have found next to nothing spare the usual Taiwan Ted V-Twin ones. The V-Twin springs on my new Triumph are rock-hard compared to the original springs. Given my lower back problems I'm sorta hoping to find some originals with decent chrome. The longer V-Twin springs may be a little more pliable than the 3" springs I have but no one around here stocks them so I can't really check 'em out. Please let me know if you have any leads or clever ideas.

I'm also looking for a LUCAS type #31371B headlight switch as used on the pre war and post war instrument panels in the gas tank and in the 1949 to 1959 nacelles (see photos below). I'm hearing someone in New Zealand makes reproductions but I haven't chased them all the way down yet.

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