Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cossacks Update

My brother Flathead Rob is a rookie on the Seattle Cossacks team this year. While in the "pledge" phase rookies ride with the team without a uniform. Rob finally got his uniform this weekend. I'm more than a little jealous my Mom happened to be there for it and I wasn't.

Never heard of the Seattle Cossacks? Take a look. Now think for a minute how many people you know that have antique motorcycles that are NEVER ridden. FYI, some guys don't just stand around arguing if the original HD factory intertubes in their Knuckleheads have period correct 1936 air in them. Pretty rad.


Nate said...

You dont know how proud of him I am! Your brother has been working so hard and has been doing a great job! He dresses funny when he rides his team bike. Wait I have the same goofy outfit that he has?

Mr T said...

Oh yea, me too...Look for his tongue and cheek move, it's the best. We are real proud of ya Rob, and hang in there! Mr T #122