Friday, September 16, 2011


Alright... Might need Flathead Rob or Nate's help on this one. Is it an early 45 with a Knucklehead engine? Kinda cool. So is the blue one.


Flathead45 said...

The ultimate "old school" hot rod bobber! A Knuck shoehorned into a VL frame, complete with VL I-beam front end. The VL frame is single loop (like a 45"), and maybe 50 pounds lighter than a standard knuck/big twin frame. It's all about power to weight ratio, kids. This one retains the VL tanks and bars too.

Very cool. I approve.

Nate said...

Very cool motorscycles. Flathead45 and I were talking about these last night or Friday night on our way to Goldendale WA. What a town. I like the early I-beam frame. The color choice isnt bad either. I really dig it!!