Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paint Update

I ordered paint today. Everyone I've talked to has recommended ordering paint from Don Hutchinson. Don seems like your typical old Triumph guy, he had no hesitation in giving me a hard time. Don confirmed in '51 Triumph would have used Silver Sheen with a black center stripe and blue pinstripes. I ordered the blue to do the pinstripes too.

I've seen some photos with white pinstripes, sorta like the fenders in bottom left photo above. I was growing pretty fond of that look but am now thinking I'll probably go instead with what was "correct" for '51. Vaughn is still pissed at me for not painting it blue. Maybe adding the blue pins will help...

More rambling. A crappy photo of a photo, Silver Sheen with white pinstripes.

Some pics of a '47. Silver Sheen with blue pins.

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