Saturday, November 20, 2010


The GS is making a little progress. It's running. I pulled the original butt ugly airbox and added some pod filters because box was in really bad shape, must have sat with water in it. Now I'm gonna need to re-jet it. Got some Clubman bars & grips. I've spent a bunch of time cleaning stuff up, painting etc. starting at the front end. I have seals and wipers for the forks but haven't torn them down yet. The paint on the tank was pretty thrashed from cleaning it out so I finished stripping it. Really need to find a clutch lever and a master cylinder rebuild kit. Pretty boring stuff but a couple of people have asked me where it's at.

The best part of working on it is having a steady wrenching buddy. It's unbelievably cool to have a kid that likes this stuff. I'd bet money he's building super cool stuff by the time he's in HS. He's got impeccable taste... In cars/motorcycles, not pajamas.

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Flathead45 said...

Wow, the bars look cool. I think Bent Bike is open tomorrow; I'll check on your clutch lever and brake master cylinder tomorrow.

Rode the 38U today to Black Diamond, but froze to death. 37 degrees with 50 mph wind chill gets pretty cold through blue jeans.