Friday, November 12, 2010

GS Seat

I've been doing lots of build planning and research. I'm using this post primarily as a way to save some referenced URL's.

I've been looking around quite a bit both from the perspective of building my own seat or finding a pre-built one I really like.

This CB75021M seat so far is a favorite. I suspect I can probably buy one like this cheaper than I could build one. A seat pan is available too.

Been kinda thinking a '50 Pontiac taillight would look pretty cool.

I've learned my lesson that running filament bulbs on an old bike is a PITA. Should probably get an LED. Frenching buckets are available too.

I might end up just running a Lucas 525 taillight under the seat/fender. Some of the knockoffs have a built in license plate bracket.

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