Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crazy Chris' Beezer Liquidation Sale

I saw a post on CL that Kent Chris is selling off all his BSA stuff. No fear he's keeping all the Triumph stuff:

For 40 years or more, this amazing assortment of BSA parts has been accumulating in a warehouse on the hill above Kent. Now a decision to concentrate his efforts on Triumph parts and service has resulted in this offering to sell the Beezer pile as a lot. Included are frames, titles, engines and transmissions and many other parts, mostly disassembled and stored separately. Models covered are mostly A65 twins from the '60s and '70s, with a sprinkling of single cylinder and older parts to keep it interesting. Some are new old stock. The pictures below only hint at the size of the pile. You'll have to come see for yourself if you are interested. Call Chris at 253-852-4019 to arrange a showing. Keywords Triumph, Norton, British bikes.

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