Sunday, November 7, 2010

C@D Report

Pretty quiet day at C@D this morning. Justin & I were the only representation from the ABQ Meridan Syndicate.

There was a guy up there with a dual axle trailer load looking to sell a good portion of his collection. There are apparently a couple of teen era Indians he didn't bring (priced in the teens). I'm not really sure how to get a hold of him but if you are looking for a pre-1920 HD or Indian let me know.


Flathead45 said...

I have a friend who said to watch out for a 1923 Harley. His Dad had one... The green one is pretty close to that year. What else do you know about it?

BitMonkey said...

I think they said it was a 1918. I saw an '18' on the serial #. Supposedly it runs. Someone was claiming it was a WWI military bike. The owner is selling it with it's original sidecar (not in the picture). $35K.