Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Story of the Day

I rode my bike today because someone had been bugging me to see it. Ended up I had to follow up on an ongoing project at a third-party remote clinic. The site is nice enough but it's not in the most stellar part of town. I decided to park my bike directly next to entrance right up on the sidewalk in hopes it would decrease the chances of anyone F-ing with it. I knew I wouldn't be there very long and figured I could just go out to check on it every few minutes. Frankly I was as concerned something would happen to it as I was I'd get ticketed or something.

I popped out a couple of times to check on it and all was well. The third time I checked a security guard and a man in a tie were standing next to it, arms folded. I walked up behind them and sheepishly confessed "That's my bike." As the well dressed man turned around I spied his badge and noticed it read "Clinic Director." I immediately thought "Aw f#$k..."

Both guys turned toward me and said "So this is yours." *uncomfortable pause* "We were just admiring it." From there I got most the routine questions. What is it? Did you build it yourself? etc... Frankly I was kinda tuning it all out, I was just so relived. Mr. Clinical Director then asks me if I'd start it (as it sat about 10ft from the clinic entrance) so he could hear it run. Out of sheer amazement I obliged.

He went on to explain that he had a 1970 TR6C once upon a time and now had a 2006 Triumph Scrambler. He also mentioned he'd seen Liv up at C@D a few times. Cool guy. The security guard assured me that it was perfectly fine as parked and since I was concerned about it he would keep an eye on it until I left.

Some days it's pretty fun to ride/drive something a little out of the ordinary.

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Flathead45 said...

I rode the 45" today in solidarity with my Bro... (okay, truth is the Sprite wouldn't start). Then when I cam home, Hollister was nagging at me to go out for a spin, so I did that too.

Cool story. Reminds me of some of the amazing things Cossacks get away with because they are Cossacks.