Monday, September 13, 2010


Damn. I broke the same oil tank mounting bolt I broke back in 12/2010 again. I'm getting pretty good at extracting those things now. Note to self, no more offroad hare scrambles or catching air on 'Liv. Found stainless hardware this time. If that does hold I may just have to attempt to weld it or something. Remember, all good mounts should be triangulated.

Last ride took a pretty healthy toll.


Flathead45 said...

Bummer. Sorry, Man. Who was the loser who engineered that mount? What about drilling/tapping for a larger bolt?

BitMonkey said...

No sweat and I really appreciate your help. You never really know what's gonna work and what won't until you start beating on it.

I've always suspected we built the battery box out of too light a gauge steel. I look it over really good periodically but it always looks fine.

At least an equal number of stock Triumph pieces have also broken over time. It really solidifies just how incredibly motocross bikes are built.