Friday, September 24, 2010

Motorcycle Cannonball

Flathead45 flew down from Seattle to intercept the event. We were amazed how cool everyone we chatted with was despite lots of visible exhaustion and the prevalent mechanical open heart surgery being performed in the parking lot. We brought my 5 year old along who is a monster gearhead. He had a great time getting lots of attention and swag, most of which Dad & Uncle where left saying "But I want one too..." Awesome event. I do wish Albuquerque had shown the riders a little more hospitality. Very little fanfare considering this will almost certainly be the Albuquerque motorcycle event of the decade.

1911 Indian boardtrack racer. This bike is rad. Sean (the rider) was without question having more fun than anyone else. The monster rain the morning they where leaving was a major concern for everyone. Sean was overhead rattling "mag in a bag, bag in a bag" referring to his impromptu magneto weather proofing.

This is a local Albuquerque BSA there to watch.

I'm torn between this one and the Indian above as a favorite. 1907 250cc JAP. A German woman was riding it.

This bike is one of the most amazing stories of the event.

Even the sag wagon's were ridiculously cool

This Flying Merkel's engine was completely in pieces when we first rolled in.

V's favorite, thanks for the museum swag. Not convinced this event is tough?

Vince Martinico’s Pope, the mystery machine (it’s a mystery why the thing keeps running), is going strong in spite of the fact that it is held together by bailing wire, duct tape, and bubble gum. An absolutely amazing motorcycle.

Shinya's Indian. He had a long night in Albuquerque.

Jeff Decker trying my Triumph on for size. Jeff: "I don't know that much about Triumphs but I have this JoMo 100R..." Me: "Yep, I've enviously studied pictures of it." He was frantically wrenching on his bike so we really appreciated him taking the time to hang out.

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