Sunday, November 26, 2017

Michael Breeding Update

I was pleased to hear from my old friend Michael Breeding the other day, second friend from my old stomping grounds in a week. Awesome people, I miss those guys.

Michael had some beautiful photos shot of his shop and motorcycles recently. Too good not to share.

Mike's 1938 HD U is one of my favorite bikes on the planet. Perfect year in a fantastic color combination. Same year and model as my brother's Cossack Team bike.
I was with Mike at a show a handful and his 1939 Chief was parked next to the U above. You don't get to compare the same vintage HD and Indian side-by-side like that often, it was a pretty cool experience. Had I been trying to decide which to buy in early 1939 I'm not sure I know which why to go...
Mike's 1933 VLD is an incredibly rare and original beauty. 
Michael's Yellow Dog '51 Chief Bobber hot rod, like a lot of his bikes, has been the test bed for a lot of the parts he develops, manufactures sells. I can say from spending some time around his shop his stuff better than stock and thoroughly tested. If his parts last multiple seasons on a Cossack bike you know they are good.
I've actually ridden Michael's 1951 Vincent Black Shadow. I generally live by the rule that I will not ride a vintage motorcycle I can't afford to replace. When Michael generously offered to let me ride his Vincent it was simply impossible to say no. I gotta say... I thought it was worth the hype. It is a fantastic motorcycle. 
Michael built the Brampton fork on this bike. He mentioned he's currently on fork #7 of his last lot of 20. Again, these are a part that is better than new and require an almost unfathomable amount of labor. I suspect that's why this is his last batch. 

It was really good to hear from you Michael. Come up for the AMCA Tenino Swap Meet some time and Rob and I will give you the old motorcycle tour up here.


Flathead45 said...

Great photos. My '38 U is far less original than Mike's, but does sport a part or two that Mike manufactured. The Cossacks are about as abusive test environment as I can imagine, and Mike's parts are performing yeoman's service.

C'mon up and see us, Mike!

Flathead45 said...
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