Monday, November 10, 2014

Vincent Brampton Forks

I had a brief conversation with an old friend "Indian Mike" Breeding recently. Mike has been focusing a lot of his energy on Vincent parts over the last few years. He passed along a photo of his recreation Brampton forks. Stunning.

He said the following about them:
I've been working on my Mark 2 versions of the Brampton Forks. These are turning out nicely. I made 3 each Mark 1's  2 years ago.
The black fork on the far left is a recent retube of original castings from England using OEM type 1/16" wall tubing.
The one next to it is my retube using original castings, 1/8" wall tubing.
The next 4 are completely new with my 1/8" wall tubing. 9 more are on the way.
I make the rest of the Brampton fork parts, as well.
A great deal of work and time consuming.
I can  truly appreciate just how much work these puppies are. Beautiful job. Mike is building flawless girder forks at a faster rate than some of the folks that claim it as a specialty.
Mike was incredibly generous enough to let me ride his Vincent Black Shadow a few years ago. I got off of it thinking a Vincent might well just be worth the asking price. Incidentally, letting a completely vintage motorcycle obsessed guy ride a Vincent is a little like letting a regular person try crack cocaine. So Mike has the Bramptons.  Now I just need every other part for a series I Rapide...

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