Friday, June 14, 2013

Washington Decals

As I mentioned previously I finally tracked down a Dewey's Cycle dealer decal for my'51. It's an authentic decal Dewey's used in the fifties too. I was pretty damn stoked.

It got me wondering if I could track down any other Washington specific decals.

I found the Indian decal here should Flathead Rob want to buy one for his Chief. 



Anonymous said...

Did/can you find an original Pokes decal? I could use one for my Commando, but am now in New Zealand!

BitMonkey said...

I don't have a source for a Poke's decal. Ross Poitras, who owned Poke's until it closed, is still around in the Seattle area. Ross' father opened Poke's in 1949. If anyone has one he is your best shot. I don't actually know him but he appears to have a LinkedIn page.