Saturday, June 1, 2013

Parking Lot

I'm developing a theory that you can gauge a hardware store by it's parking lot. I found this Model A outside the McLendon's in Kent last weekend. It was a really nicely done car but appeared to be driven pretty regularly.

Flathead Rob and I made the trek to McLendon's in Renton to buy a replacement leather seal for his WWII Jeep air pump (find one of those at Home Depot) and stumbled across this Model A. We ended up chatting with it's owner Frank for about 20 minutes. Nice guy and the truck sounded really good. Frank was coming home from the Duvall Days car show. I had planned to go but got caught up in home tasks and didn't make it. He said there were about 200 cars there...

Incidentally the McLendon's in Renton is the store with the killer TopPot Vagabond trailer out front.

I hadn't been in the Renton McLendon's for a long time and had forgotten all the historical family stuff in there. McLendon's started in Renton in the late 1920's as a business called US Junk. Something tells me "Pop" Mclendon would be just fine with a 75+ year old vehicles in his parking lot if he was still around.

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