Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Stroke Rescue

Flathead Rob & I noticed a fellow motorcyclist on the shoulder of the road last night as we were headed home from the VME meeting. We circled back and discovered he was in route for his Kawasaki KH400's maiden trip to a VME meeting when an intermittent magneto problem left him stranded. Needless to say I have been there before. We offered to loop back and pick him up. When I arrived with my truck a Jolly Roger stopped to help us load up Kim's bike and I ran him home. I later received the following email from Kim:

Hi John, (and Rob?)
Wanted to thank you again for stopping for a stranded biker.. and
especially for the rescue afterwards!

Long live the 2 strokes  :)


I genuinely didn't see the whole thing as a very big deal but Kim was very grateful.

I've mentioned it several times before but but the social component of old motorcycles was a perk I never even imagined when I first got involved in vintage bikes. It's my favorite part now. The friends I've made are nothing short of amazing. I have received countless bailouts, helping hands and acts of astounding kindness and generosity. When I saw Kim's email my first thought was picking him up didn't even make a dent in repaying the acts of motorcycle related kindness I had been a recipient of JUST THIS WEEK. So, another thanks is warranted. Rob, Lynn, Justin and Tom. You all offered a helping hand this week for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you.

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