Sunday, June 30, 2013

Douglas World Cruiser - Seattle II

Vaughn got me out of bed too early on Saturday morning, primarily so he could ride in Flathead Rob's 1933 Plymouth Sedan. Rob had arranged for some old car friends to bring a few cars down in support of the christening of the Douglas World Cruiser - Seattle II. There is no shortage of cool things to do on summer weekends in this area. Still, my favorite part was Vaughn's ride in a 1915 Model T. Pretty cool day. It's really nice to have Rob's wife taking real photos so you get a break from some of my shitty cellphone photos.

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Flathead45 said...

Musical accompaniment provided by the "Sedentary Sousa Band". Love that they all wore pieces of different H.S. Band Uniforms.

For Gearheads, the 1918 Lincoln Motor Company built Liberty engine is a 27 liter (1649 c.i.d.) 45 degree V-twelve with 5.1 to one compression ratio, developing about 400hp. The prop is 10'4" in diameter, and redline is 1700 RPM.