Saturday, April 6, 2013

Twinline Swap Meet

Thanks to a flyer being handed out at the VME meeting Flathead Rob and I found out the swap meet being hosted at Twinline Motorcycles. We decided to drop by and check it out. We found a pretty good showing of parts given the relatively small size. We met some cool folks too. My youngest gearhead was running around with us today and we overstayed his interest a little. He was a really good sport about it though.

 I'll admit a bias with the current cafe racer trend. To some degree I generally expect it to equate half-assing it in terms of fabrication and design. Twinline has been around since before the trend hit full swing. Seeing a few of the bikes they had completed and others in progress explains why they are still around. They are building really cool bikes.

Cool, so what else did they have? What merges original condition VL, bobber and lane splitter? Fuck if I know but it was kinda cool.


This cone-Shovel had some cool details and looked to be a real rider. It wasn't exactly my taste but was well done, had rad parts and looked like a total blast to ride. I approve.

So what followed us home? A 1938 1/2 HP Briggs washing machine engine. My Dad has admitted to "obtaining" these engines as a kid and finding various uses for them. They were gateway to his gearheadhood. Something tells me Flathead Rob sees it playing a role in my youngest son's gearhead future.

This isn't the actual one that followed us home but one very similar. It is really cool. I'll try to post some photos later.

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